Farm Updates

Garlic is up!


The first crop to be planted at Green Zameen Farm is garlic (everything else will be planted in the spring, inshallah). My field is still being prepped—Bruce and I have been plowing, disking, and spreading manure for the past few weekends—but Robin let me use a couple of raised beds in her garden, so I got to plant garlic two weeks ago. And now it has sprouted! It feels great to have an actual crop to take care of, with all this planning and preparing going on.

Next step is to put some mulch on it soon, so that it will be a little bit protected against the winter cold. It will overwinter and then keep growing in the spring and early summer—should be ready to harvest in July.


One thought on “Garlic is up!

  1. OH I have a veggie request! Knob onions! or at least onion that you don’t let get bigger than about an inch and a half around. Perfect for putting in stews whole!


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