2020 CSA Shares

CSA flyer

Our 2020 CSA is full! We are not able to accept any new members for this year. Feel free to peruse the information below if you want to see what our CSA program is like, and email greenzameenfarm@gmail.com if you’d like to be notified when 2021 CSA shares become available next year. For now, feel free to order veggies on a week by week basis using our online order form.

CSA pickup is available at the farm in Perkasie on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or at Lansdale Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, or Headhouse Farmers Market in Philly on Sunday mornings.

There are two sizes of share available:

Full Share: You pay $650, and get $750 worth of produce over the course of the 24-week season (late May through October/early November). This comes out to an average $31 worth of veggies per week. You may get a little less in the first few weeks, and extra in the bountiful days of summer and early fall.

Half Share: You pay $340, and get $375 worth of produce over the season. This comes out to an average of $15.50 worth of veggies per week.

You can also choose between a regular share, which gives you a taste of everything we grow, and a salad/smoothie share. The salad/smoothie option is a new idea we’re trying this year, for all those who don’t have time to cook but still want to eat their vegetables. It will still contain a diverse mix of vegetables, but will be limited to ones that can be enjoyed raw. Expect varying types of salad greens every week, a few fresh herbs, and other salad veggies like cucumbers, radishes, grape tomatoes, and sweet peppers.

Click here to see examples of what a typical full size, regular share would contain in various weeks throughout the season.

UPDATE!!! We just added a third option for share type: Free Choice CSA shares! Instead of us putting together a selection of produce for you each week, you pick what you want each week using our online order form. It’s exactly like the way non-members order online, except that you pay at the beginning of the season and just choose “I’m a CSA member” as payment method when you order each week. If you have a full share, you’ll have $750 to spend over the course of the season (15% more than you paid!) and if you have a half share you’ll have $375. We’ll keep a running tab of how much you’ve spent, and you are free to spend it however and whenever you want. We will NOT be able to offer refunds unless there are special circumstances, though, so make sure you spend all your share money by early November!

One advantage to sticking with a regular or salad/smoothie share is that we will give those members first dibs on produce that we have in limited quantities. So for example, if we have 20 regular CSA members and on our first week harvesting sugar snap peas we only get 10 lbs of peas, we’ll put half a pound in every regular member’s bag (unless they requested to skip them) and won’t list them on the order form. For items that we do put on the order form, if people order more than we have available that we’ll we’ll give CSA members priority within their pickup time group and then allocate items on a first ordered, first served basis.

If you already ordered a share and want to change it to a free choice share, please email greenzameenfarm@gmail.com. Thanks!