Sponsored CSA Shares

One of the problems with local food is that, unfortunately, it’s expensive. It takes a LOT of work to grow vegetables without chemical herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, and exploitative use of cheap labor. Local farmers pay the price by working long hours for not very much money, and consumers pay the price by literally paying higher prices. The rewards are a wholesome lifestyle, protection of the earth, and the best produce money can buy.

However, for people who don’t have a lot of extra money, local organically-grown food often isn’t an option. Even if they want to support sustainable agriculture and eat healthily, many people simply can’t afford to buy produce from farms like Green Zameen.

If you can afford it, and if you are interested in supporting the healthy nutrition of another family as well as your own, please consider the option of sponsoring a CSA share. You can either fully sponsor a share, or just contribute however much you can to the CSA sponsorship fund. That money goes directly to pay for a CSA share for an individual or family in need.

If you’re interested in applying for a fully or partially sponsored CSA share, please fill out this form: Sponsored CSA Application Form. If you have any questions, contact me at greenzameenfarm@gmail.com or 513-348-9293. Sponsored CSA shares work exactly the same way as all other shares.

If you want to fully or partially sponsor a share, you can fill out this form: CSA Sponsor Donation Form Email or call with questions!

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