2020 Crop List

Heads up! Here’s a list of everything we’re planning to grow for the entire 2020 season.

The prices listed here are our 2019 retail prices and are subject to change, though we don’t expect any major changes. Prices always fluctuate throughout the season based on availability and demand. For items with unit of sale listed as “lb”, you don’t have to buy a whole pound, you can get any quantity you want.

Wholesale customers, please email greenzameenfarm@gmail.com for a wholesale price list.

Spring = late may through June, Summer = July to mid October, Fall = October and November.

Crop Season Unit of sale Price per unit
Arugula Spring, fall lb $12.00
Asian greens Spring, fall lb $12.00
Baby Chard Spring, summer, fall lb $12.00
Baby Kale Spring, summer, fall lb $12.00
Basil Summer bunch (8 oz) $3.00
Beets Summer, fall bunch (1 lb) $4.00
Bell Peppers Summer lb $2.50
Bitter melon Summer each $0.50
Cantaloupe Summer each $4.00
Carrots Summer, fall bunch (1 lb) $4.00
Cilantro Spring, summer, fall bunch (2 oz) $2.50
Cucumbers Summer each $1.00
Persian and Pickling Cucumbers Summer each $0.66
Dill Spring, summer, fall bunch (2 oz) $2.50
Eggplant (Italian) Summer lbs $2.50
Eggplant (Asian Summer lbs $3.00
Fenugreek Spring, fall bunch (2 oz) $2.50
Flowers Summer stem $0.50
Garlic Summer, fall head $2.00
Gongura Summer bunch (lb) $5.00
Green beans Summer lb $5.00
Holy Basil Summer bunch (4 oz) $2.50
Lettuce (baby leaf) Spring, summer, fall lb $12.00
Okra Summer lb $8.00
Parsley Spring, summer, fall bunch (4 oz) $2.50
Potatoes Summer, fall lb $2.50
Radishes Spring, fall bunch (1/2 lb) $3.00
Scallions Spring, summer, fall bunch (5 scallions) $2.50
Spinach Spring, fall lb $12.00
Strawberries Spring lb $7.00
Sugar Snap Peas Spring lb $8.00
Sunflowers Summer stem $1.00
Sweet potatoes Fall lb $2.00
Tendersweet Cabbage Fall each $3.00
Thai Basil Summer bunch (4 oz) $2.50
Tomatillos Summer lb $3.00
Tomatoes Summer lb $3.00
Watermelon Summer each $3.00
Winter Squash (Acorn + kabocha) Fall lb $2.00
Zucchini (Middle Eastern type) Summer lb $2.00

As always, farming depends on the weather and other factors, so while we hope to get good yields of all of these crops, it’s always possible something will do poorly and be in short supply. Starting May 23rd keep an eye on the weekly order form for an accurate list of what’s available each week!