What’s growing?

Updated August 12, 2019

Wholesale customers, please email greenzameenfarm@gmail.com for wholesale availability and price list

Harvesting now:

Heirloom Tomatoes $3/lb

Grape/cherry tomatoes $4/pint

Hot peppers (jalapeno, banana, Anaheim) $5/lb

Shishito frying peppers $3/quart

Potatoes $5/quart

Green beans: $5/lb

Cucumbers $2/lb
Summer Squash $2/lb
Bottle Gourd $1/lb

Bitter Melon $1/lb

Gongura $4/bunch (1 lb with stems), $16/lb loose leaves

Okra $6/lb

Eggplant $2.50/lb
Baby Kale $12/lb
Parsley $2.50/bunch

Cilantro $2.50/bunch
Kohlrabi $1 each
Beets $3/bunch
Scallions $2.50/bunch
Thai Basil $3/bunch
Holy Basil $3/bunch
Lemon Basil $3/bunch
Sunflowers $1.50/stem
Zinnias 50¢/stem
China Aster 50¢/stem
Celosia 50¢/stem

Coming soon:

Sweet peppers




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